New SBU Head proposes more freedom to intercept communications

12.03.2010 |
The Head of the Security Service [SBU] is asking the Head of the Supreme Court to consider the possibility of courts providing permits at once for all telephone calls of a suspect to be intercepted during investigative operations. Mr Khoroshkovsky stated this during a coordination meeting at the Prosecutor General’s Office on the situation with fighting corruption and organized crime. He added that court practice gives the SBU the opportunity to intercept one phone number which, he asserts, is fairly dangerous, especially when investigating drug trafficking or bribe taking where the suspects can change their numbers. He says that as a result of this officers have to turn to the court again, which thus wastes time and operational opportunities. The Head of the Supreme Court, Vasyl Onopenko, however noted that on average courts annually issue 20 thousand tapping permits. “Where are the serious cases after these measures?”, he asked, noting that the trend towards increasing illicit obtaining of information and surveillance of suspects is evident, while a trend towards an increase and improvement in records on solved crimes is unfortunately not.
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