SBU demands operator installs “bugs”

01.09.2010 |

The mobile operator Intertelecom has stated that the Security Service [SBU] demanded that it install an automated system for intercepting information from communication chennls. 

This was announced by the General Director of Intertelecom on Tuesday after the central office of the Odessa television channel ATB was searched.

“What our structures want goes well beyond the limits of the law. We therefore took a principled stand and said that we were willing to do this within the framework of current legislation. Information must be intercepted only with the sanction of the court.  Namely by the Head and Deputy Head of the Odessa Regional Court of Appeal. We are asked to organize an automated system for interception of information channels. Yet the same law stipulates that the operator is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of its customers’ conversations. We consider it our sacred duty to safeguard the right of our customers to private life as set out in Article 31 of the Constitution”.

According to information from the television channel, the search took 12 hours and ended around 2 a.m. on Tuesday night. Special Force Alpha officers were involved. The official reason for the search was an allegation that Intertelecom had received smuggled items.

No report of commentary from SBU is provided. The official Intertelecom site provides no official information about what happened on Tuesday.

The company provides mobile and Internet connections in 21 regions of the country.

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