Ukrainian court ban on book about Stus trial gave Medvedchuk more than he asked for

Controversial Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk cannot erase his shameful role, as a Soviet state-appointed lawyer, in the political trial of the great Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus, but he is trying to silence those who write about the part he played

The electronic communications law will allow the State to request the confidential information from phone users

It could be said that adopting the Draft Law 3014 in such a state is impossible, and the need for it is doubtful in principle, given that the communications market successfully regulates itself.

Damning ECHR judgement puts future of Ukraine’s lustration law in question

The European Court of Human Rights has found that Ukraine violated the rights of five Ukrainians who were dismissed from their posts under the Government Cleansing (Lustration) Law because of their official posts under Yanukovych, or, in one case, in the Communist Party before 1991

The rights of convicts detained in the ORDLO

This publication is devoted to the situation of detainees who are in custody in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts and were deprived of liberty before the beginning of the military conflict.

Human rights in Ukraine 2014. THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY


CVU: Pro-Russian activists sold information about pro-Ukrainian activists in Odessa

Anatoly Boiko, head of the Odessa Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has warned that Odessa is “on the threshold of terror” following the leaking of personal data about people who have spoken out in support of Ukraine’s unity.

Human rights in Ukraine 2013. THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY


NGOs sound the alarm over all-inclusive and unprotected state register

The creation of this Register will result in wide-scale infringement of people’s right to privacy and the NGOs believe it likely that the European Court of Human Rights will find that it violates Ukrainians’ rights