Express investigative journalist’s flat bugged


  Taras Zozulinsky, investigative journalist for the newspaper Express, says that he found the bug, sewed onto clothing quite by chance.

The Institute for Mass Information writes that Zozulinsky is the author of several investigations for his newspaper in December 2012, for example regarding alleged involved by Prime Minister Azarov’s family in taking over assets on the Crimean Coast; on setups linked with the President’s dacha at Maharach; misuse of public funds by a police enterprise.

The journalist is convinced that the bug was planted in connection with a number of high-profile investigations.  He told Telekritika that it was probably linked with articles about drug trafficking.  He specifically asked journalists to cover the story and closely follow the course of the criminal investigation.

An expert who examined the bug said that it was highly sophisticated and designed to work in autonomous mode. 

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